What We Do

Honey + Gunn is a Nashville-based succulent florist creating living décor pieces for your home, office, or event, using a succulent design aesthetic never before available to the Nashville market. We strive to create stand-out living designs that out-perform cut flowers and can stand alone as layered art and conversation pieces. Our succulents pack a big design punch when combined with a range of Honey + Gunn sourced décor additives. From geodes to quills, to agate and ghost wood, the fun is in the additives but the plants remain the cornerstone and anchor of the design.

Succulent design naturally leans contemporary – with leaves that add depth and often spike – but we strive to create a look that matches your personal or event aesthetic. Whether a clean-lined modern glass concept packed with angled décor pieces or a classic Southern ginger jar filled with softer elements – Honey + Gunn matches succulents to your style.

It starts with the plants

Honey + Gunn sources show-stopping succulents, tapping growers from around the globe in varieties that provide big design potential. We are thrilled to bring size, color and varieties not commonly available to the Nashville consumer. Honey + Gunn succulents arrive to our workshop on a weekly basis – arranged, designed, and immediately delivered to the client. We are confident in the strength, color, freshness and most importantly – longevity – of our plants. We have our favorites – a curated and time-tested list that provides the magic of color and form – but always seeking to add and build to our go-to varieties.

Who doesn’t love a succulent?! Packed with natural character – succulents simply demand a look and very often a touch. Offered in a rainbow of colors and textures – succulents deliver a dream-team version of living décor. But then they grow. What begins as compact bright green or purple, will lovingly grow into a rambling, bohemian mismatch of color and growth. The plant is healthy but the design is side-lined. The Honey + Gunn answer to the dilemma is to replace a rooted succulent with a succulent cutting.  A cutting is simply a succulent cut at the roots. The cutting remains frozen in time so-to-speak – and will remain perfect until fading begins approximately two to six months later, depending upon variety. The design remains in-tact as the day delivered. The client provides zero care and maintenance. Once the succulent(s) fades – the client simply places in-ground in backyard or container – and watch it grow. Honey + Gunn delivers new cuttings to client doorstep for the cost of cuttings and small delivery fee. The process provides a flexibility that other décor pieces simply cannot; the client may opt to change from one color or variety of succulent with each change or simply choose to swap décor pieces. The design can change throughout the year as either a seasonal holiday adjustment or a simple whimsical switch.

The design process

Honey + Gunn pieces are succulent driven. Tapped by designers, gardeners and home-owners for decades as go-to greenery, the succulent has hit a stride. A combination of form and color provides major design without the cost associated with often costly in-home decor pieces. Succulents deliver major impact, spark conversation and simply provide a “happy moment”. The Honey + Gunn approach is to build upon the natural personality of the succulent. Bright green echeveria may place alongside major pops of color, provided by globally sourced geodes, agate, stones and even dried floral. Purple or silver echeveria may get a jolt through sparkling limestone, amethyst or the black and white stripe of quills. The options are limitless and designs are rarely duplicated. Whether high drama or natural and minimal, a Honey + Gunn design is created with attention to every detail. We have access to hundreds of container options and will work closely with each client to find the perfect look, size and style. In addition, we love your containers! From cherished pottery to a quick flea market find, Honey + Gunn can brighten any vessel with unique décor pieces and our signature succulents.

The Honey + Gunn approach to succulent design is one of décor – building pieces to stand as art, as conversation, as personal style.