Who We Are

Hello from Anne and Lola – two dear friends who share a love of all things horticulture!

We prefer the simple, no-fuss houseplant, continually fall for the orchid, and push our plant style to match our décor. Anne is decidedly classic, white-washed, antiqued, and lovely. Lola can’t pass up an upcycle, crushes over large canvas art and falls for haphazard English anything. Where we decidedly agree – houseplants should fit squarely into your design aesthetic and ta-da! succulents provide the biggest design punch and bang for your buck. After much research, travel and a little luck we stumbled upon a cut succulent concept that fit both our styles and offered a replacement to short-lived cut flowers and often pricey table-top arrangements. It was modern. It was clean. It was new! Honey + Gunn launched 2017 to bring our find to you.

The cornerstone of Honey + Gunn design – the cut succulent. We love the predictability offered by the succulent cutting – the design stays firmly etched and the wild succulent growth is tamed.  Honey + Gunn is our answer to contemporary succulent design – no water, no maintenance, no dirt. Simply bright green design that lasts. Our homes are filled with our creations – which stand as both art and conversation pieces. Far different than a potted fern or fiddle leaf, contemporary succulent design draws the eye and fills space with interest and often sparkle. Our ever-rotating succulent pieces grace our islands, console and dining tables – and serve as our design laboratory. We know what works and what doesn’t – and only bring to you our best version of what we love.

Now for the particulars 🙂

Anne is an artist whose work graces the homes of friends and family – whose talent sharpens the design of Honey + Gunn and brings an element of balance to color and texture that would otherwise be missed. Raised in VA, her penchant for Southern aesthetic meets an edge with contemporary design. She has three busy children while tending to the ever-expanding Honey + Gunn greenhouse.

Lola is the founder of MEDIAworkshop, a gardening specific media relations firm, based in Nashville, but servicing clients nationwide. She has placed authors across all levels of media – from the New York Times to NBC’s Today to Martha Stewart Living to Southern Living Magazine. Her client list includes leading floral industry authors and entrepreneurs, regional horticultural specialists, and home + garden social media personalities.  She has three active boys and one thriving succulent garden (thanks to Anne!).